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Thread: dextrose?

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    hey guys..jus wondering if this sounded about right on the facts for dextrose..i picked some up at my local health food store..and there is no nutritional facts i searched the web..and came up with this thus far..
    28.4 g of dextrose = 110 kcal, 0 fats, 27 carbs...

    can u guys tell me if that sounds about right...
    and if much dextrose do i need to consume...and how to measure it.

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    Yes. Sugars are carbohydrates, so the amount in grams of dextrose should be nearly the same as the grams of carbs. Also carbohydrates have 4 kcals/gram, so 27 x 4 is approximately 110 kcal. How much you take depends on your diet goals. I would definitely take 40-50g immediately after each workout though.

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    1/2 cup is 75 grams of carbs.


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