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    different #'s for on and off days???

    hey guys..jus one real quick question here for should my numbers for my on off days vary? BULKING DIET>>>
    heres the quick stats....6'1"...190lbs. 14 % bf....on days look like this number wise...324 p, 450 c, 78 f, 3802 kcals
    percentages set at .....>
    * 34% kcals from protein, 47% kcals from carbs, & 18% kcals from fats*

    thats about everything for my on if at all possible..could you guys help me out with some numbers on my off days...thanx fella's...

    bye the way..i know my carbs need to be dropped on my off days..but bye how much??????


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    Insight Guys????

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    There's a lot of different points of view on this one but here's my two cents.

    If you're bulking and want maximum recovery between workouts I'd keep the amount of food you eat the same for workout days and off days. The thought is that your body becomes accustomed to x cals/day, if there is a significant drop in cals then you could be sending the wrong message about when the next meal is coming, which could lead to an increase in body fat.

    I've even read that muscles are in desperate need of protein even after 48 hours of your workout - and you need the carbs to prep for the next insane workout and with testosterone production.

    A lot of words to say I'd keep it the same when on a bulking cycle.

    Anyone else with a different take on it??

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