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    Just started my new diet today...

    i started the morning bytaking ANIMAL CUTS pack and water. for lunch i had a chicken patty wrap with a salad and water. Went to the gym around 1:30 no cardio today but my warm up. Had a solid workout for chest, shoulders, bis. (Im usinga football program my friend made up for me. I took a b4 picture today. The animal cuts only last 21 days. But i have some KRANKeR STUFF THAT IM GOING TO TAKE AFTER THAT. HOPFULLY I WILL KEEP THIS UP AND LOSE THIS WEIGHT THAT I WORKED SO HARD B4 TO LOSE AND GAINED BACK. It was dpressing gaining that weight back. Now i finally have the drive i need to weighing less and looking good.

    But answer me this CAN I LOSE WEIGHT AND STILL PUT MUSCLE ON. Because i wanna lose weight but i wanna look BIG. iS THIS POSSIBLE or do i have to pick BULK UP or CUT UP?

    And if any of you have suggestions for my diet i;ll be happy to hear it. My work out schdule goes 4 days a week.(Weights) and 2 days of 45mins each for cardio. Please let me know you suggestions and your thoughts!

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    Glad to see you are so enthused!

    There are many wise people on this board: gurus, mods, and members alike. You are asking a question that has no answer. You will get many replies to your profound wondering but people will search to the end of time to find this answer.

    One thing I can tell you is with proper diet and training, you can change your body composition which to me is the greatest accomplishment. You will be able to feel your body hardening from the inside/out. Quite shocking...

    Stay with this board and you will gain all of the tools you will need for a successful program.

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