I approaching 18 weeks out and have already stopped what i planned and decided to go on instinct. The show last year let me know i can use less carbs then i did so right off the bat i am. A typical day looks like this:

Meal 1
9egg whites 1 yolk 30p
1 can tuna 33p
1 serv grits 24c

meal 2
chicken 30p
1 serv rice 36c

meal 3
chicken 30p
pro drink 22p

meal 4
tuna 33p
1 serv rice 36c

post workout
pro drink 44p
rice cake with jelly 17c

meal 6
10 talapia 50p
salad 10c

meal 7
8 egg white 25p

protein 297
carbs 123
fat ?? low!!

started this diet at 243lbs and am now 234. The one thing i am gonna do is carb deplete for 2 weeks and then carb up. Last year i carbed up every 7 days. So i will try this for a while. The changes will be as of now i do 25min cardio after i train. 16 wseeks out i will be up to 40min then add morning cardio making that 40 then back to 25 at night. No fat burners yet. And by 10 weeks or so i will be steady below 100carbs a day. eventually getting to just above 50.

My carbs may seem too low but i gain easily. Gaining size isnt a problem all i do is add carbs. If i feel like i need more carbs then i will add them depending on the day. I also switch up carbs daily. That was todays food. Anyway thats what i got going as of now!