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    Hey guys, I posted this the in the comp forum, but havent gotten anything back in two days so i figured i'd give it a shot here as i'm sure a few of you have competed before.

    my question is about price...after registration, cost of food, cost of training/posing coach and anything else (minus cost of gear...i want my first competition to be natural and amature) how much should i expect to spend total. I plan to compete in October/November and start contest dieting late May. (is 16 weeks good???) any info. would be great, i take this dam seriously.

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    beatin it up...
    bump- I am curious as well

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    Man that's hard to give a figure on when everyone differs on contest prep items, what foods they use, supplements, "extras" like thiomucase/yohimburn/Pro-Tan, etc. Also how long they utilize all the stuff, how much you have to pay for posing practice, how much the entry fee is, etc.

    I find it very cool you are doing a show!


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    Yeah bro post some pics.. It's going to be an awesome expirence.. either way how much is the avg price..? or how much who ever here competed invested into it..?

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