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Thread: low carb diet??

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    low carb diet??

    Hello all! I'm looking for a good low carb diet plan. I need to cut off 40 to 60 lbs. I'm getting some T3 next week so that will help he meet part of my goal but I still need to get a good diet plan. I'm plagued with a slow metabolism so any diet that will work will be greatly appreciated. I'm also doing 45 min of cardio four days a week.

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    You need to hold off on that T3 until you've gotten MUCH closer to your goal. 40-60 pnds is a lot to lose, and T3 needs to be held off until you are ready for it. You need to lose it naturally first. As far as "low carb" diet plans, there are tons on the board.

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    i agree with rambo on that...T3 is highly catabolic and you will lose too much muscle if you do not know how to use it properly...also how do you know you are plagued with slow metabolism. if you say that it's because you have tried dieting without success you need to realize that a "successful" diet only should have you losing 1-2 pounds per week. messing with your thyroid is serious business cuz you can end up having to take T3 for mom does and it's not really fun for her.

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    Why would one take T3 and only do cardio 4 days per week??

    Try cardio 7 days per week, and nix the T3.....

    Now you're working.......

    Besides, T3 w/out any type of gear or at least a very sound nutritional plan and low-low dosage, won't do anything but eat what muscle you do have, alive.


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