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    how many calories

    would you say someone should be getting per day when trying to bulk?

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    Usually have heard to count grams of protien. If you do it that way the calories should fall into place. Rule of thumb with protien is between 1.5 and 2 grams per lb. So if you weigh 200 you'd ingest 300 to 400 grams.

    Using calories alone you can accomplish your goal by eating a box of sugar.

    Just a thought.

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    How much do you weigh?

    Tobey posted some good info on calculating your calorie intake to bulk,cut etc.Do a quick search

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    First, go to ed threads and use Tobeys "caloric intake calculations" post. Very informative. Do the math and figure out what your maintenance calories are. This is important. Once you have that then you can now plan a gradual increase in your caloric intake for bulking. Say you need 2580 cals for weight maint. You go ahead and now take in 5000 cals a day, you'll get FAT The goal is a gradual increase, say 500 cals per week to start. You'll keep a gradual increase that won't all turn to fat. Now granted, you may have a slight increase in BF% but thats expected. You just don't want a big increase. Just listen to your body and watch your waistline. Remember, keep a clean diet. The best source on here for diet is Tobey. He is the MAN. He is always willing to help so give him a holler if needed. Peace.

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