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    5000 calories a much from fat????

    if i need to eat 5000 calories a day, how much should be from fat. like if something says it has 200 calories and 100 are from fat should i coulnt the 100 from fat or do i need to be eating nothing but good calories all day. that almost seems impossible. any hints on how to eat so many calories would help too.

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    ok im confused as to what you are asking but anyways...check out mike xxl's bulking diet thread....5000 calories is a lot even if you are on cycle but i dont know your stats so to each his own...check out www.******.com and look at articles by john berardi entitled massive eating....good info.

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    I believe a good bulking diet are like Protein 45%, Carbs 35-40%, Fat 15-20%

    With 5000 calories that'd be:
    For 45-35-20 thats 550-425-110
    For 45-40-15 thats 550-500-80

    But I guess thats a lot of protein so I guess it could be like
    350-400 protein, 600-650 carbs and like 90-100 fats....

    Again, 5000 seems like a LOT of calories....Thats like bulking for a 300 lb person...

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