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    Self Diagnosis/homebrew meds?

    Does anyone else here use a homebrew Testosterone to self medicate using "sane" HRT dosages (200-300mg / week)? I rationalize my steroid use by keeping the dosage within normal HRT doctor recommended levels. I use the word "rationalize" to differentiate between what I do and what juiceheads (2grams a week) do.

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    200mg - 300mg weekly is insane. I don't know where you got these doses... but an AACE protocol is more in the range of 100-150mg/week. At 200-300mg/week your 'highs' will be supraphysiological... which is counter productive to effective HRT protocol benefits, and essentially what you said you were trying to avoid.

    "Juiceheads" (a derogatory term, IMO) rarely use 2 or more grams of testosterone per week. You'll find NPC competitors and pros doing that, but doubtful that many 'average' users go over a gram.

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