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    My first few days with Humilin R .

    Hey guys , I took my first injection of slin on Monday @ 4iu's post workout and immediately had a twinlab ultra fuel (100 grams dextrose) mixed with two scoops of protein (50 grams) and creatine and glutamine .I realize that I overdid it with my carbs but decided to be safe to check my sensitivity .Two hours later I had dinner which consisted of a roasted chicken and two cups of brown rice . An hour or so later I had a cup of chunk pineapple and a cup of cottage cheese . No signs of hypo first day .
    Tuesday I took 6iu's with same pow shake and basiclly the same meal a couple of hours later and another regular shake with carbs at the 3 hr mark . Again no signs of hypo . Still holding a good pump from my chest and tricep workout today which have normally subsided by this time .
    Wednesday I took 8 iu's with same pow shake . Stuck some glucose tabs in my pocket and took my dogs for a two mile walk . By the time I got home I was sinking pretty quick so took two tabs and ate a double serving of oatmeal which brought me back pretty quick . I guess the walk burned my carbs faster than I anticipated . I understand now why taking your slin before your workout can be dangerous . Had a steak and potato after an hour and another protein, carb shake before bed .
    Today I stayed with the 8iu post with same shake and steak , chicken , shrimp and rice for dinner . Did shoulders today and have a HUGE pump still going on . Feel good , no signs of hypo .
    Tomorrow I plan on staying with the 8iu's and cutting my carbs back to 75 pow and will check to see how that goes . I'll let you guys know how it turns out . Seeya !

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    I have been doing 75 grams of carbs and 50 grams of protein
    post workout along with 4 i.u.s GH and a follow up meal
    2 hrs later with about 35 grams of carbs and another 50
    grams of protein.... same meal again at 4 hour mark.
    if i don't have that 2nd meal 2 to 2 1/4 hours later I start to sink real fast..maybe because I'm borderline hypo...I work out in the morning
    and the slin is out of system by 2:00 P.M....but my appetite is thru the
    roof at night on slin days..does this happen to anybody else?

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