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    I Am Starting My Hgh Cycle Tomorrow And Cant Figure Out How To Mix This Stuff. I Have 100iu Jintropin Kits. This Kit Comes With Mixing Solution But It Is Only 1ml Vials. Common Sense Tells Me That One Vial Mixing Solution Is For One Vial Hgh. But That Seems To Be Very Little Hgh Once Mixed. I Am Using A Syringe That Is Measured In Cc/ml. If All I Do Is Mix The Solution With The Hgh Then How Do I Measure In Cc/ml For Injection. I Want To Take 2iu's In The Morning And At Night. Any Help Is Greatly Appreciated.

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    You need to buy insulin syringes....measuring w/standard 3mL syringes would be impossible to do accurately. 1mL per vial of Jino (which is 10IU per vial), so you'll have 10IU/mL. The easiest way to think of it is to just figure what % your desired dose is relative to the total vial. 2IU/10IU= 20%, so you use 20% of the vial's volume, which is 0.2mL, which is 20IU on a U-100 insulin syringe

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