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    rHGH delivered Express mail

    I just recieved my 1st order from a new company in China. I only got 3 4iu vials only for testing(free sample). But my question is the box had the shipping lable with the contents read" HGH (human growth hormone ) sample with no commercial value please refere to the attached document to get more info. Then on the side of the box was the letter shipping manifest telling what is inside the box!! What the hell... The mailman came and we chatted like no big deal. Has anyone else when they ordered from China experience the same thing? Seems kinda strange customs never siezed it as it has it written all over.

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    Most times the best way not to get caught is to act like you are not doing anything wrong. lol I dont know if this applies to customs but it worked for you.

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    uuuhhhh, I would have a chat with your source about that one bro.... or find a new one.. That's about the last thing it should say on that pac

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