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    Keto diet and IGF LR3

    Anyone try or thought about the idea of a strict keto diet on IGF. I know the headaches and nausea would be a real b!tch, but wouldn't you adjust to them after a while?
    I'm 10 days into my first run of IGF (no AAS) to be followed up with a 3-4 month run on GH. My goals were to drop bf first but not lose any muscle, and if possible add a few pounds of muscle in the long run (potentially adding AAS at the end of the 3-4 months).
    I am asking about the keto diet because I've tried the Atkins and went two weeks with zero carbs (and I mean ZERO) with almost no ketosis. My first three days on the IGF I definitely noticed the hypo, I have since upped my carbs a fair amount. This has helped my energy levels and eliminated the headaches but I think I might be too high on the carbs.
    If the IGF puts you into hypo so quickly, wouldn't you be able to attain ketosis and maintain it if you kept your carbs really low and therefore be able to dramatically reduce body fat?

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    I like to make sure I have carbs after me shot, my insulin sensistivity get very sensitive for me when using LR3 IGF-1


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    i think the use of either GH or IGF is a waste without AAS and SLIN..just my $.02

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