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    Can I use GH properly *AND* work swing shifts?

    I am 34 yrs old and want to use GH to lean up for the summer. I have never used GH before. I work 12hr shifts that go days to nights to days etc in a 2 week rotation. I will work Mon and Tues *days*--Fri, Sat, and Sun *nights*-- Wed and Thurs *days*. The next 2 weeks will be reversed with regards to day/night shift. That means when I work night shift, I'll have to inject an hour or so before going to bed and also during my sleep in the afternoon. I can keep a proper dosing schedule on day shift (and days off). I researched and the best inject times I found was morning and mid afternoon. Will injecting before sleeping give me less than expected results? I will stack GH with Omnadren , Tren Enanthate , and A50. If fat loss is my main goal (and considering my work schedule) should I just stick to anabolics and use clen too? I have found no posts concerning an odd work schedule and GH use. Any help or suggestions would be apprieciated. I would /should run the GH 20 weeks and switch up the anabolics. Thanks.

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    Umm...What is your body fat, waist size and workout schedule like. If you are extremely out of shape and have a high BF% then you should not expect GH to give you what you looking for by summer. As far as the whole shift thing goes you should just take it in the morning and afternoon if you do a split, even if your morning starts at 12 midnight and your afternoon is at 3am. Taking before sleep supresses your natural production and is not highly recomended. Just my 2 CENTS.

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