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    NEED HELP.......please.

    i tried to order some humalog at an canadian pharmacie and let it send them to the netherlands.
    today i got the following e-mail from them:Sorry sir. Unfortunately we will not be able to do your insulin order because it is refrigerated item and will be unusable by the time you get it. We do apologize for this and hope you will be ordering other meds with us in the future.

    Many thanks *******

    does any body have an idea how this can taken care of, is there a way to ship it refridgerated or something.
    its my only option to get humalog or else i'm doomed to stick with actrapid.


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    Well slin can be stored for up to 30 days at room temperature unharmed, so I dont see why theres a problem. Even with the transit time, it should still be ok. I would either request they send it anyway, or ask if they can ship it with a cold pack.

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