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    Pls square me away w/ slin and dieting

    Sorry the more research I do the more confusing it gets. Anyway I've did 5 iu's PWO and basically just slamming carbs and protien (with no fats). Anyway never came close to going hypo and I did notice nice changes but I started to get a lil fat. Does your diet have to be on the mark right down to each gram of protien and carb (fast/slow) you eat? If someone can lead me in the right direction on how to make the most of slin/AS and whats the correct way to eat PWO injections thxs.

    P.S Why do guys shoot slin BEFORE working out or 1/2 way thru a workout?

    The only dumb question is the one that goes un-asked.
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    Its n ot a dumb question at all. The usual amount of carbs to be consumed per I.U. of insulin is 10 grams. So for 5 I.U.'s you have 50 grams carbs. Not too difficult. Now, the problem with insulin is that it will shuttle everything you eat super efficiently, so you gotta be on your diet. Are you on Humalog or Humulin? Answering your workout question, I dont know too many people who shoot before a workout because you dont benefit too much from it, if at all, about 3/4 of the way through is the earliest I've witnessed. This increases muscle pumps, but is a dangerous thing to do and only for experienced insulin users. Remember insulin shuttles nutrients to your extremely receptive PWO muscles, so if you just take some dextrose, 100 grams of protein, glutamine and a few minutes after your first drink some creatine, you should notice some changes. remember, LOW FAT, dont take flax seed oil after you've used slin that day, its asking for trouble.

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    If you are going to use Insulin , use it PWO only. That is the most beneficial time to shoot insulin as that is when the nutrients will be shuttled into muscle cells. Using Insulin pre workout or during workout is only to feel the pump. But IMO, insulin PWO is way more benefiting than pre workout or during workout because shuttling nutrients into cells is more benefiting than getting a pump. Also, using Insulin pre workout can be dangerous, and who ever takes insulin this way should have a carbohydrate drink on them at all times. Stick to PWO, dont worry about pre workout or during workout doses.

    With you nutrient intake when using Insulin, take 5g of glutamine and 5g of creatine for additional benefits. However, you must consume some sort of carbohydrates (which you already know). The consumption amount is about 10g of carbs for every 1IU of Insulin. So, 5IU = 50g of carbs. Fat storage when on insulin comes from excess nutrients (extra carabs), so if thats the case, it means you are taking too much carbohydrates while insulin is active. So lower your carbs, but be carefull with lowering your carbs when using insulin as it can be dangerous. Not everybody takes 10g carbs p/1IU, some go as low as 7g, so it is up to you to experiment and find that zone where you are getting good enough results and minimum side effects.

    When I use insulin, I usually follow something like this. But everybody is different, so you may have to modify the consumption amount of the nutrient intake.

    "x" amount of Insulin
    immidietly have "x" amount of dex, 5g creatine and 5g glutamine
    15 min later 75g of protein isolate
    1.25hrs later solid meal that consist of 50g carbs and 50g protein. Usually baked potatoes and grilled chicken.
    2.00hrs later I have another solid meal, usually rice boiled in water, and egg whites or grilled chicken. This time I have abouy 40g carbs and 50g protein.
    By the time I have my next meal insulin will no longer be active, so I eat as I usually do.

    I think the most important part to remember is, when taking insulin, have just enough carbs to stay out of hypo and enough to feed your body fuel. Anything extra will be stored. So to do this you must know how to control your nutrient intake. If you are getting a little fat, obviously cut down on the carb intake. If you are going hypo, then increase the carb intake etc. Also, stay away from fats. It's all about playing around and finding that comfort zone.

    I hope that helped, and good luck.


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    Thanks guys do use Humalog and I'll tighten up that diet.

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