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Thread: GH concern

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    Arrow GH concern

    Hello All,

    pls help to us in Ukraine with HGH usage.

    The main key-limiting factor is sides. People are some afraid. But the potential
    of HGH in Ukraine is really pomising.

    First reason is that many "consumers" of HGH are commercial company employees, who can afford themselves it. On the other hand they have lack of info regarding sides to make their own way.

    As for me, I had some cycles before in my life, 9 years ago, and will never do due to the sides.

    The same with HGh. I see here many arehappy with it.

    But what concerns me is as follows:

    1. How does morning injections affect Attentivness and if it in genreal prevents from mental work and being at the office.
    2. Blood shugar. Pls advise if below regular dosages will/will not cause diabetes.
    3. Cancer and etc. Many people in Ukraine and the rest world are having Pailoma in their mouth, throat or stomake but dont know 'bout it till inspected.
    Same with me, I will have it cut from my tonsils. Can I use HGH?
    And how to actualy test blood for some universla antibodies to cancer cells in the body?
    Many tests provide a great variety of cancer anitbody proteins which are really plenty. Can there be one general and universal anti-body test for cancer cell or being predicted to it in order to pass it.

    And also ZNAk is welcome to post his situation with blood work and general feedback after finishing his hGH cycle.

    Hoping Red Baron and Johny be will roll in to the issue of the newbie.

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    if you have cancer it will just speed up the cell growth. In old country we could not even afford to have cancer (yakoff smirnoff). Atentiveness? Again gh like anything else will depnd on your biochemistry.

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    First is you need to get a specialist approval if you have any form of cancer. And monitored thereafter. Generally, there are minmal sides if any at the right dose and for myself does not cause sleepness/attenitivness loss. There have been studies showing cancer cells invitro (lab) did grow but there are also studies showing no ill effects. In fact some say it may help because the immune system specifically the thymus gland is growing and that is what produces killer cells , anti-bodies to fight off invaders. Blood sugar for the most part is not effected too much at low doses. Diabetis was a major concern in early studies and during initial use of GH did show it effected sugar levels negatively. But soon after they came back to better/normal ranges. The reason is because the loss of adipose fat tissue both subcust and visceral around the waistline. This body fat reduction is the reason sugar levels become stable. As you know obesity is a major risk factor of diabetis. In addition cholesterol LDL is lower(a good thing) due to the fact that visceral fat is less and this is where the liver makes cholesterol. I would assume one would be relatively safe using gh wisely.

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