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    supersteve Guest

    Does GH work best at rest?

    With all the debate going on about when to take HGH i thought i'd pose the question about how much more effectively GH works while we are asleep?
    I mean, for example, those clinical patients who have been prescribed HGH for short-stature ... would GH be making them grow during the day or only once they retire to sleep? For us bodybuilders, if our GH levels are highest during the day (due to exogenous injections) will the positive effects take place then, or do we have to be asleep for GH to exercise its most potent effects?


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    kaorialfred is offline Member
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    I have often wondered that myself. I have read post on here that the GH injected after your first few hours of sleep is better. Most of the post you read on here say they inject in the morning and mid day. Which I wonder if you inject in the am before or after working out, which would maximize growth?

    Lets see what the more experieced have to say.

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    supersteve Guest
    Bump for some clarification on this.

    Is the reason we grow (height and weight) at night simply because that is when GH and other hormones are released or are there other factors which make it most useful then? If not, wouldn't the same growth occur during the day as long as we are providing this surge of GH?

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    I'm sure that there is a reason why most our hormones and chemicals are released at this time. The conditions during sleep, especially REM sleep when the body is completely inactive must be optimal for growth? Just a theory i'd love to hear some facts, cheers. LL

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