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    One IU is how many mcg's?

    I searched for a while and found different thread stated 1 IU is 10 mcg's while another said 1 IU is 20 mcg's. I have some MR LR3/IGF1 on the way and dont want to screw up my rat's dosage.

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    1 I.U. equals 10 mcg, so if ur pin has a 100 mark on it then the 10 mark is 1 i.u. also 10mcgs.
    -100mcg's equal 10 i.u.s.
    -If what u have is reconstituted into 1mg/1ml then for good dose of about 60 mcgs wouold mean pull BW to about the 30 mark if ur pin has 100 mark on it then draw only 3 clicks which = 60 mcgs Each click is 2 mcg if u have a 100 click pin??

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