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    Oratropin DEFINATELY working. Im stunned.

    I've always been a believer in Oratropin by *** but I'm also VERY skeptical...

    Anyways, im 5 days in today I had the most amazing workout ever. The pumps created on my arms made my arms look literally the largest I had ever seen them. And the pump stays... I also lifted my heaviest, but I dont attribute that to oratropin... I attribute that to working out, duh, and gaining muscle.

    Also, oratropin has killed my appetite. I went from eating like a horse to having to force feed myself. Not the best thing for bulking, but could be very useless in cutting... And currently Id like to cut some flab off....

    But back to the pumps. You all know why pumps are important right? A 'pump' means there is blood in your muscle. And what is the only way for the body to deliver nutrients? Through the blood. Thats why keeping a non stop pump is so important. Its why I do a light workout before bed so the muscles get nutrient filled blood during sleep.

    My only concern is some people speculate that oratropin is VERY dangerous, though I've read no study on it. Also, 'TheReporter', an amazing guy who visited many boards and loved body enhancement and tried every supplement under the sun, died at 40 years old and the last thing he had used was oratropin... (Like I said he tried everything in the world up until that point, however)

    Anyways... So far it seems to be working... And though im POSITIVE oratropin will be provide gains and progress in other areas, which was never a real concern, the real argument is will it be worth the $200 a month price.

    Currently Im skeptical of that, but we'll see once its over.

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    great to see that you love it,but still i would go with injectable.

    for how long are you gonna run it?
    keep us posted on further gains/changes.


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    Started myself yesterday....I will keep you boys up to date as to how it goes. Would run the Inj. of course I know this is the best route but living with your G/F makes certain things, well, very difficult

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    Im going to run it 6 weeks, kind of long but Ill survive....

    Unfortunately I dont have injection experience to compare it to but thats ok.

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