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    Study - lowering IGF may increase longevity

    Here's an interesting article I came across that suggests that lowering IGF levels may actually prolong life, at least in mice.

    Here's the interesting part: "Studies, for example, suggest that damping down this pathway -- known as the insulin /insulin-like growth factor-1 signaling pathway -- may be the mechanism that extends longevity in animals that are fed an ultra-low-calorie diet."

    Here I assume that by damping the pathway, they mean reducing IGF levels.

    Here's the abstract of another study that shows that reduced IGF is associated with delayed aging:

    This seems counterintuitive given how popular HGH is in anti-aging treatments, but its use in this context is relatively new and there's probably a lot we don't know yet about the long term effects.

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    that's wierd...they get lowered with age anyways. I'm thinking a 90 year old probably has an igf reading of around 50 or lower, that's not that much anways...

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