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Thread: HGH and Nolva

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    HGH and Nolva

    I was told today that using Nolva while on HGH is a big no no.
    The Nolvadex is suppresing the HGH or something.
    The source recommended using Armidex instead.

    Can not recall seing that before, comments please.

    Also, if it is recommned not to use Nolva then what to use during PCT coming off a test/eq cycle?

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    supersteve Guest
    I believe it suppresses natural GH. So if you're injecting exogenous GH it shouldn't matter as you will be shutdown anyway.

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    Slic4788 is offline Associate Member
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    You'll be fine...i don't think it reduces them to a significant degree.
    here's more opinions if u want:
    HGH and Nolva, and IGF-1 levels

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