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    Question High Gh Doses???

    Has anyone with some experience ever run a high dose of GH for a length of time, lets say 10ius for a few months, Anybody,Where there better results than lets say 1/2 that dose or dus the price at 10ius outweigh the gain u get from it?
    ---Any comments
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    I personally have never gone over 5iu's. For what I use GH for I dont want to go any higher. But I do have a partner that has ran 10iu's for several months. He told me that the price definitely outweighs the gain. Told me he didnt see much more results but a lot more sides. Mainly soreness of the hands and jaw pain.

    From my experience with it I've found that it works so much better over a longer period of time. To run let's say 10iu's for 6 months would be so ridiculously expensive. And I"m sure the gains attained from that run could have easily been achieved using 1/4th of the money with AAS.
    I run GH all the time. I just came off and will get back on in about 3 months. I'm not badmouthing GH by any means, I'd run it year round if I could. But for me, a nice dose between 4-6iu's for 6-9 months is perfect.

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