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    Hurt back-workout and diet questions

    Ok, here's the deal. I pulled my back at work. It felt like my lower back (right side) at first. It hurt to walk up stairs, etc. I went to the doctor and the pain had moved up a bit. He said it was my erector spinae and my lat. I figured I could still do some light training for my chest, bis, tris, etc. Well I went in on chest day and felt no immediate pain. Towards the end of my workout, I felt almost a cramp at my trap origin at the base of my skull. I had a slight headache for about an hour afterwards. Well I took the next day off and went into the gym to do bi's. First set of my workout was standing bbell curls. Holy crap, it felt like my trap was going to rip a skull plate off. I quit after about 2 reps. I went home, took my muscle relaxers (which I have been taking two a day), and held heat on the back of my head. When I woke up the next day my traps (only at the origin on my skull) were really tight and sore. I scheduled another doc appointment and will be going in today. My only guess is that I would normally use my lats for stability and control while lifting and my traps had to compensate for it. I hope this doesn't last to much longer. My lower back feels fine now, but I'm resting for the rest of the week and the weekend and I'll see how I feel Monday (which is back/lat day, so I may skip). My questions are the following:

    Why would my traps be hurting if I injured my erector spinae and lats?

    Should I still be continuing my bulking diet? 4k+cal, 4xx+pro, 4xx+carb? Or should I cut back while not lifting?

    What stretches should I be doing before my lifts to prepare myself?


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    Ihurt myself like this 4 years ago while doing squats, my pelvic needed to be reajusted, i still have pain only on my right side that goes like you from the trapieze down to my lowerback.

    This can be well cause by muscles imbalance, my back, hamstrings and neck are weak has are my lower abs compared to my quads, chest.

    So i need to stenghten the weak and steach the strong.

    Will keep you guys updated i bought a program off the net that seems real good.

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    you need to rest, and heal. period. ice where hurt for twenty min 3-5 times a day for 2wks, . never lift while hurt.
    why are your traps hurting, all the muscles are apart of your posteror chain and they work together, if you try to work out, when hurt, your muscles are not working as they should and other areas compensate. hence why you are more hurt now.
    ipersonally would alter my diet if i wasn't liftin, maybe just cut down the calories since you won't be expending as much as usual since you are resting.

    as for stretches that prevent injuries, no guarantees, you can still stretch and pull a muscle .warm up light and don't make huge jumps in weight

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