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Thread: 1ST Cycle

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    1ST Cycle

    My first cycle:
    Started with AndroGel for 6 weeks.
    Then Test Depot 2cc week.
    Starting weight was 217.
    Height 5'11''.
    Start Bench 345.
    Im in my third week of Test Depot, perscribed from my Doc! Then got some Brithish Dragon.
    Benched 405.
    Weight up to almost 230.
    I'm thinking of adding D-Bol for 4-5 weeks.
    I've got my Clomid ready to go.
    Cylcle should last 12-14 weeks.
    First week of Depot felt very energetic, this has lapsed. Normal?
    Stregth gains are continuing but I am sore alot after workouts. Normal?
    Will the D-Bol get me the energy back again?
    I will keep you informed as I proceed.

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    Exclamation Follow Up

    I hit the gym this morning and had good results. I had some of the original mental pump but not all of it. I have attached a photo of me 3 weeks into my cycle Sorry so blurry but it was hard to hold the camera still), I will post more as my cycle continues. Have to say I was a little disappointed to not see any posts from you guys with answers to my questions. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance to anyone willing to take the time to respond to my questions.
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    pic is a little foggy. Looking good from what I can see though.

    Keep it up bro.

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    howd you get a script for the dr?

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