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    Talking Great 1st cycle!!!!

    Hello Bros
    I just want to tell you about my results from my first cycle. I where in a accident -96, damage my neck and back. And before that i was compiting on junior elit level in Sweden. After that i had so much trouble, pain all the time. I took all kinds of medecin booth painkillers and antidepresive. I couldent train so much and it was gettin worse, had big problems whit insomnia. I decided to try AS to build some muscles that could help me in the future.
    My cycle where
    Half bottle sust 250 eod 12 weeks
    Half bottle deca 200 e3d 11 weeks
    7 bottle Prop eod after last sust injection
    Nolva and clomid.
    I was eating clean food(and will continue whit that).
    Im now half way thru pct and i i feel better than ever. Im now taking almost no medecine and sleep like a baby.
    By the way my gains where from 96 kilos to 110 kilos (43 ibs?) and i look good !

    Thank you for a Great site that gave me all infomation i needed!

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    Awesome, glad you got good results

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    they are big gains!

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