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    Exclamation Help.... what to take next

    im 31yrs young 5"10 225 16% BFM. this is my very first cycle, i have worked out a few years now, i eat a ton of protien, chicken,fish,tuna, steak, beef, every day.I eat my vegies too,and alot of times i will take some whey shakes,dont eat **** foods like candys and sugar at all,so i think the diet is ok,but i am very open to sugestions. if any thing is bad in the diet i probally dont eat enough carbs. i thought i researched before hand, but aparantly not good enough,again this is my fisrt cycle so i will be the first to admit im lost. I Just Fineshed Up My First cycle ever, 8 Weeks Of Sustonan 250, About 2 Weeks In I Stacked With Testaserona 50 (propinate) I Have About 2 Weeks Of That Left, sust is done .I Dont Know What To Take Next, Im A Little Disapointed Though Maybe I Expected To Much, I Put On About8/12 Lbs Of Muscle, Got Alot Harder Muscle,and Alot Stronger But Didnt Get The Size Or Bulk I Wanted, So What I Want To Know Is What Should I Take Next, Im Thinking And A Few Friends Said Oral D Bol,maybe stacked with sust 250, all i want is to get HUGE, Any Help Or Input Would Be Very Apreciated, Stay Safe Ladys And Gents

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    Your diet must have been $hitty on the cycle if you only gained that much weight... fix it and try going natural with the fixed diet for awhile.

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    bump anf finish up with the prop and however long you were on take off make sure you have a good pct to come off of this cycle . for your current size you should've been eating about 4500-5000 cals bout 350-400g of protein and 500-600g of carbs if you only put on 8 to 12 lbs with sust you did something wrong, you say you ate a ton of protein how much were you intaking? you should've done this all right i am only into my 3rd week of my cycle and i am up 8lbs and your at the end. spend the next couple of months researching and find a weightgaining diet that best suits you. as for the d-bol is a good jumpstart but steroids alone do not make you grow.Proper Food, Training, and Sleep do. This should serve as a lesson to everyone that thinks they will look like arnold after their first cycle.

    PS- I didnt mean to put you down or offend you. Just giving you a heads up beofre you go and spend more money on another cycle.


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