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    Smile 1st cycle complete - # 2 in 10 weeks


    my 1st experiment is over except for PCT.

    38yrs old -- 5'9" currently 196lbs

    10 weeks of Test E 500mg - 10 weeks Deca Durobolin 400 mg (upped dosage during cycle) My cycle changed many times before I finally chose TEST/DECA.
    nova started after week 4.
    i've gained roughly 14lbs ...hope to keep most.
    the largest effect i've had has been with my sex drive. i've always had a very strong drive, but this cycle has put me over the edge. my wife has asked me to seek help ...LOL ... she thinks something is wrong with me. along w/ crazy night sweats, i experienced wood all night long. it's gotten to the point where it starts to hurt. LOL ...(this may change now that my cycle is over)
    anyways, #2 cycle is around the corner and i'm planning on:
    Test E 600mg 12 wks
    Deca 300mg 10 wks
    Dbal Ed - weeks 1-4
    Primobolan 200 mg weeks 4-12
    (suppose to wait 10weeks but want to start now)

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    I really doubt you need to bump up the test dose

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    make sure the deca ends 2 weeks b4 the test. this time so the pct will match up better

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