About a week ago I finished my 2nd cycle.

My cycle was :
w.1-9 250mg Sustanon E3D
w.8-12 25mg dianabol ED (Last week 10mgED)
The last weeks I bumped up my cardio to 5 one-hour-walks aweek.
I also added 1 mg arimidex E2D the last 2 week.
Cause of this I dropped some water weight the two last weeks.

My thought is to do an diary of how the training goes AFTER the cycle. When I was about doing my 1st cycle I always wondered how it was afterwards, så I thought it could be nice for you guys out there to see how it is During PCT!

My stats when I was biggest during my cycle was:
Weight: 103kg/229lbs
Heigth: 173cm/5'9
Benchpress: 155kg/344lbs
Bicepcurl: 4 reps 65kg/144lbs
Shoulderpress behind neck: 7 reps 80kg/178lbs (After my biceps training)
"V"-Bar Pull-downs for the lats: 5 reps 100kg/222lbs

Did'nt barely train my legs because they are already big enough for my upper body so I have no serios stats of legweights.

My PCT is:
w. 1-6 10IUs Insulin 1-2times a day (Morning & PWO)
Supps: clomid as usuall, creatine, glutamin, starting using nutrex vitrix and ZMA next week.

I finished the cycle last friday (11/3-05):

Weight: 101,5kg/225lbs (down 1,5kg/4lbs water)

This weeks strength stats.

Sunday 13/3-05 Chest/ Triceps highlights: 1 reps 150kg/333lbs bench (almost 2 reps), 5 reps 90kg Close Grip Bench

Tuesday 15/3-05 Bicep/Shoulders 4-5 reps 65kg/144lbs (easy ) bicepcurl, 8 reps 80kg/178lbs shoulderpress behind neck.

Friday: 18/3-05 Lats, "V"-Bar Pull-downs for the lats: 4-5 reps 100kg/222lbs

Sunday 20/3-05 Chest/Triceps Strength as last week but the 150kg benchpress felt very heavy this time.

So long I think the Insulin works well, i'm feeling strong.
Feels super.

I gonna update my strength and weight stats every week.