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    Test E, Deca and Dbol.

    Thanks to this site I have got my shit together and I'm really starting to see some good results. Thought I would post my cycle and diet. I will post some pics of before and after when cycle is complete. Thanks to all those who have posted great advice which I have followed as closely as I can.

    Stats - 29 yrs old been training on and off for 5 years but got serious in last year. 5'9" 34" waist 92 kilos.

    Cycle - Dbol 40mg per day weeks 1-4
    Test E 500mg per week !-12
    Deca 400mg per week 1-11
    Nolvadex 10mg per day

    PCT - HCG 3000iu 1st day after last shot then 2000iu 5 days later
    Clomid 14 days after last test shot 300mg first day 100mg for next 28 days
    Tribulus 1 gram per day
    Nolvadex 10mg per day

    Diet - meal 1 6 egg whites one yolk and half a bowl of oats one scoop of whey
    Meal 2 - 1 tuna steak 1 cup broccoli plus desert spoon of flax oil
    Work out
    Meal 3 PWO 1 scoop whey with dextrose and maltodextrin at 2 dextrose 1 whey measure
    Meal 4 PPWO chicken breast with brown rice or quinoa
    Meal 5 tin of tuna with salad and flax oil
    Meal 6 lean steak with green veg and flax
    Before bed 1 scoop of egg protein with flax oil.
    At the moment I have gained muscle and lost some BF which I am very pleased with. I have had no side effects except a slightly spotty back and I get a bit mad in traffic jams. Oh and I keep boning the missis!

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    hcg is not needed here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tallyjuice
    hcg is not needed here.
    i agree with tally juice

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    i just started the same cycle 2 days ago im psyched to get it going as well hte dbol should be taking effect pretty soon but good luck with your cycle

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    I'm starting the same cycle in December, but I might take some anadrol instead of dbol though

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    Sounds good bro. Keep us posted with results. My next cycle's gonna be Anadrol ,Deca , and Test

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