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    Question 500 mg sus & 200 mg deca e.w...

    I've just got over 2 major operations and i've lost 28 lb in bodyweight! I'm doing a cycle for 4/6 weeks, would be longer but i'm going on holiday in september, any suggestions on improvement...

    weeks 1-4 500mg sus 200mg deca
    weeks 5-6 50 mg winstrol mon/wed/fri
    followed by hcg & clomid...

    I was going to throw some d/bol in but i've had surgery on my stomach...

    Thanks guys...

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    you should do 8weeks of testen and deka at least

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    That cycle will be pretty much pointless, I think you should do alot more research before you even think about starting a cycle

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    cycle advice

    Unlike the later responses... Sustenon at 500mg will produce hella side effects on you. Deca will as well..... interestingly.... if you feel you have to rush a cycle..... THEN WAIT! Don't rush things; you'll screw up your endocrine system for life and then you'll lose much more than 28lbs. It's an ego thing, I understand... but there are 2 ways to do this; the right way....... and the wrong way.

    Cycle: 11 weeks

    Sustenon 250:weeks 1-4; 250mg/week; weeks 5-7 (500mg/week) then week 8-10 (250mg/week)
    Deca: 200mg/week for weeks 1 and 2
    Weeks 3-5 (400mg/week)
    Week 6 - (600mg)
    Weeks 7 and 8 (400mg/week)
    Last week (200mg)
    Clomid: 10mg/day for full cycle.

    Week 10 and 11; HCG at 500 i.u. per day (14 doses) total of 7000 i.u.

    This is what it should look like. I would suggest some pre-emptive training before just beginning a cycle however. Injuries are easier to get than you think and it sounds like you've had a hard enough time already.

    Take Care.

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