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    sick sick but look out

    This is what i have/had

    5 bottles of spectrolab testenpro (200enan/50prop)
    50 cc fina
    400 ** winny tabs
    20 cc ** Eq (i know it sucks but i was being cheap)
    10 cc 200mg deca spectro lab
    30 cc winstrol V upjohn
    30 cc 100mg/ml winstrol underground
    40 1mg arimidex
    80 novadex
    250 clomid (screw up in order, i got send way too many) dont pm me
    2 amps zambon winstrol
    180 50mcg t3
    1 bottle clen (pump)
    5 viagra 100mg

    believe it or not, this is all going in the mix over the next 5-6 months, no extreme doses, only test for 12 weeks, winny tabs at 200mg per day, i think they are garbage, they work but not at 50mg dose, after test/eq

    im finishing on fina deca and winny, trust me it works, i was 210 to start after a terrible post cycle crash, im one month in and back to 230 minimal bloat, want to hit 240 really clean no more than 9-10 % im about 11-12 right now

    dont post and say im crazy, its well planned out its just once i started ordering i couldnt stop and you all know what its like saving juice, it doesnt happen, you get it you shoot it lol

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    Lookin good G my man. BTW...I've had pretty good sucess with Bruce Lees EQ, it may not be the best on the market but it works well, especially for the price.

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    looks kick ass how are you putting it together---what and when

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