Me and a friend are doing a cycle of

500mg Test Enanthate week
400mg EQ week
35mg Thai Dbol a day weeks 1-4

He started his cycle 2 Sundays ago and I'm waiting for after the 4th. This is our first cycle. His results so far are-

Before starting the cycle, 30 years old, 5'5", 180lbs, about 7% bodyfat and has been working out for 14 years. After 12 days he nows weighs 190lbs and not much bloating at all. He said his strength has increased incredibly over the last 2 weeks. He was pretty big before and now he's getting bigger. Everyone thought he was doing gear before and now they are amazed. I will update this post every week and try and post some pictures. I will let you know about my cycle too.