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    Mighty Duck's cycle-wk 5- holy crap!

    Well, week 5 is underway. Strength is through the roof! I'm up an average of 25 lbs on every lift, with some as high as 40lbs higher.
    I seem to be losing a little body fat as I go. From the chest up, my skin is TIGHT. As of yesterday, I'm up 13lbs, and weight gain has slowed somewhat. I am getting compliments daily. My hair dresser made my turn around a few times before I sat down so she could check it out.
    I hate to think I've only got 7 more weeks of fun to go
    Like PaPaPumP said a while back ( I think it was him ), the first shot, you have trouble with, but by the end of the cycle you'll be looking for stuff to inject in your arse!

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    Don't worry 'bout the weight cause you're dropping BF%, it'll come as long as you keep eating.


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