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    Question lots of questions

    ok here i am agian.. just wanted to let everyone know (incase they were wondering) that my roomie and i both use this name so the stats on us are different.
    i have some problems goin on here
    sorry this isnt really about my cycle but i need some help
    i had a supplier from over seas and i was gettin gear at good prices and decent waiting periods
    and everything was legit..
    then one day my shit got seized
    my source told me about another guy who was domestic and this again seemed to be a good deal.. so we sent money and the fucker didnt send our gear
    now me and my roomie are sittin here twidling our thumbs cuz we have no gear and have these great bulking and cutting cycles with help from all you guys///
    here's the questions
    1. has anyone else had problems gettin shit from over seas lately
    2. were are all the domestice legit sources

    any info on this would help alot guys

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    2 - no, never are. gotta be careful who you trust. always be sure to do a source check with a MOD or VET before you order.

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    2. were are all the domestice legit sources

    Are you asking for a source?...cause if you are you aren't that smart...then again if you aren't asking for a source I'm sorry..but from what I can read you are...So before you post something like this use your head! Im not flaming you bro.....

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    wasnt askin for a source man.. just wondering how fucked up some people are who say they are domestic source..apparently there are none

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    lots of over seas stuff is getting snagged -- due to increased searches cause of 9-11-01
    there are good domestic sources but like key said check with mod or vet first

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    you take a risk with ordering online so along with cheap prices every now and then you get stiffed too

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