Alright fellas, i need some help here from the experts out there. I am 6' 215lbs, a college wrestler and would like to wrestle at hvywt next year and tear shit up, this will be my 4th cycle. I was wondering how i should schedule my cycle for the following items:
30-25mg anadrol50 tabs
1 10cc bottle of Quality Vet Deca
15 amps of sus250
10 amps of Primo
250- 5mg Dbol tabs

I tried to write up what i had planned for this cycle but somehow it didnt show up right when i previewed my post and i was too tired to write it all over again (it's late and i have finals tom)sorry, i was just hoping someone that knows their shit to a T would help me out here and lead me in the right direction and help build me.