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    is 50mg EOD of winny enough for me? Please help me out here really quick "read insid

    Okay, I am roughly 180 lbs

    I have 60 Zambons
    I also have fina and prop

    I was planning on running EVERYTHING EOD for 7 weeks but I am not sure if 50mg of winny EOD is enough.. Any input? I DO have enough to run it ED... Hell I have enough of EVERYTHING to run it ED but for my weight, I dont think it would be beneficial would it?

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    ottawa, canadian monkey
    cycle history?
    I'm guessing that your cutting
    1-6 prop@50mg/ed
    1-6 winny@50mg/ed
    1-6 fina@75mg/ed
    this is a short but effective cycole for cutting
    my two cc

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    chinups Guest
    I am doing winny EOD for first cycle and I have researched and heard plenty of people give good feed back. Also my friend did 50mg EOD and made real good strength gains

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    Sep 2002
    I am 3 weeks in
    days 1-7
    Fina @ 100mg ED
    Prop @100mg ED
    Winny @ 50mg ED
    Week 2-5
    Fina @ .75cc EOD
    Prop @ 100mg EOD
    Winny @ 50mg EOD "sometimes ED" I am quitting winny on my 5th week and running the Fina/Prop for about 8 weeks at EOD, the last week I may go ED on it

    I am Lean as hell, its really all about diet, this is my second cycle, I should have bulked first, I will bulk after march, then just cut down again. I am 21 yrs old and 5'11

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