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    Is Dbol and sust 250 a good cycle for starters

    i did deca and test cyp. for first cycle worked pretty good, did it for 8 weeks had some pretty good gains went from 160 to 180 and bench max went from 250 to 300 and its been like 6 months since i have and i'm thinkin of gettin some gear again so is this sound like a good cycle with D-bol and sust. and if soo can any one give me the cycle for it and if anyone has done this cycle, did u get pretty big on it?

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    lots of people have run dbol and sust. do a little research youll find what your lookin for.

    here...a classic bulk cycle for you

    1-4 dbol 35mg/day
    1-10 SUSt 500mg/week
    1-10 Deca or eq 400mg/week

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