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    10 week cycle of test 400 and tren E

    Hey everyone, im just getting ready in the next few weeks to start a cycle of test 400 and tren E. Sorry this is gonna probably gonna get long but I would like to be as detailed as possible and am very curious what everyones thoughts are with volume and diet for a bulk cycle.

    First of I am a 26 year old male, working out and lifting for 4 years straight, with a very clean diet, current body weight is 190 pounds at 5"10 with a body fat percentage of 13.

    For the last 3 months I have been wearing a body bug from go fit to monitor Calories burned. On average per day I am burning 4000 calories, not including workouts. Diet has been low carb high protein for cutting. For the last three weeks i have started incorporating more carbs into my diet to prepare for the start of my bulking cycle

    My previous cycle prior to this one was test 400 with Dbol , my heaviest weigh in was 205 pounds, aprox 18 pound gain and approx 8 months ago.

    The new cycle is going to consist of 500 mg of test 400 along with 300 mg of Tren E split into two shots a week, with the last 3 weeks being the test alone.

    Right now my diet plan is 6 meals a day and its looking something like this..

    500 g of carbs
    500 g of protein
    100g of efa

    This works out to 4900 Cal a day, aproximatly 400 to 500 above calories burned including workout

    With Tren being in this cycle and from what i have read is that it does not require a high food intake to metabolize into muscle, and is quite effective in fat burning. I'm looking to get the absolute most gains out of this cycle and I expect to do some cutting after the cycle is finished, Ive always gone with the concept eat big to get big, Id like to see some input from people that have used tren and what they believe would be a good macro? Increase, Decrease add more fats? Im open to any suggestions to help me lock in my diet before diving into 10 weeks of solid pumps!

    Gym frequency as of now will be 4 days of weight training with 1 to 2 days of uphill walk and light cardio, my daily work schedule is fairly active, and i believe the previous cycle I over trained and did not have enough rest days. Also open to suggestions to this as well,

    Looking forward to hearing opinions and looking forward to some solid gains which I plan on documenting weekily
    Thanks for reading!

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    all opinions and suggestions welcome
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    Running Tren in the summer is a bytch. 500g of protein a day seems excessive to me. And if your taking long esters of tren and test, your 5000 cal/day diet is going to get you nice and fat before your gear kicks in... especially if your metabolic memory only has you up to 205.

    Personally, I'd go with a mid-range dose of deca and test 500mg for your second cycle at your current status. Tren is hardcore, save it for your 4-5th cycle if you ever get there. You can do plenty of gaining w/o compounds that have less side, and maybe in a year or two when you're sitting at 215 clean and cut, and still want to grow then try tren.

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    If im burning 4500 cals a day that leaves me right around 400 calories over calories burned, what do you recommend a person should eat over maintenance to gain weight?

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