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Thread: Cutting Cycle

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    Cool Cutting Cycle

    I am 22 and have use as twice now. Both times only winny eod @ 50mg.
    The last cycle is the only on that i ate clean n and did cardio. I dropped about 5 % body fat. I am currently 15% bf and 5'9" I am planning on usng eq, winny clen or t3. I was just curious if someone would advise me whether this would be a good idea or no. I was only going to run eq for five weeks @ 200mg wk and during week three start 40 days of 50mg a day of winny. would this be good and should i add in the t3 or clen. Or does anyone else have any other suggestions. My calorie intake is no more than 2500 but closer to 200. There is plenty of protien though. Cardio is around five days a week with weights six, two for each body part.

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    do alot of research

    you need to spend alot of time on here on a few different forums.

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    5 weeks !?!? That is a very short time. Why not use it for 12 weeks. My cutting cycle would be something like EQ/winny/fina/test/clen . You pick and choose what you want. Don't forget Nolv & Clomid. You definetly need to research a lot more before you start this cycle. As for your diet you need to eat more quality food and up you cals. I don't have time to go into it now... just go research everything.

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