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    Is sex bad for bodybuilding??

    Some people say that sex is bad for bodybuilding….. and others say it’s good??
    Does anybody know the truth about sex… is it bad??? Does it slow the muscle gain??
    Do you lose any of you test when having sex…………. But the main question is the muscle growth… Do you lose it???

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    i don't know any scientific research to back my claim although i would think frequent sex spaced out during the day would help produce more test. when you ejaculate the body needs to produce more soldiers for you, so test levels will increase slightly to facilitate sperm production. if you were constantly depleting then replenishing test then creating it would never be a problem...if you decided to be chaste for 2 weeks im sure that your test level would remain constant although it may be harder for test production to resume when you do finally ejaculate.

    just my guess, someone correct me if i am way off base in my assumption.

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    It doesn't even matter because it's not worth giving up. The only time I abstain is right before going to the gym or else I lose my edge.

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    who cares, i wouldn't give up sex anyway, even it didn't slightly harm test production.

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    men's Test. increases after sex anyway.
    Have you ever seen the flick "Raging Bull" Lol!!?
    It's just myth.
    Remember to keep her happy too!!!

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    if it's bad for bodybuilding, would you stop doing it? hahaha

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    i've heard it's best to get aroused to the point where you almost orgasm then cease further stimulation. And do not have a orgasm.

    This will raise your test levels very high. You can easily test it yourself. Do it and find out just how aggresive you are. That's test for you

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