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    Question Prop/Eq/Fina Cycle?

    This is going to be my 2nd cycle, even though my first one was a short Decca/Winni one, and I was too young. Now I'm 21, 5'7", 160, 12%bf.
    I want to use Prop and Eq but I don't think I'll get the size I want with just that, so I'm gonna throw some fina in for the last six weeks if I'm not satisfied with my gains at that time (it's a last resort). My cycle will go like this:

    400mg Eq/week: weeks 1-12 I don't know if I should front load it
    75mg Prop/ed: weeks 5-14
    75mg Fina/week: weeks 7-14
    Clomid and HCG following

    Does this all sound right, or is it too much shit?????

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    no reason to front load bro... just a waist IMO

    cycle looks good however idunno ur first cycle doses. but 75mg ed seems pretty good... goodluck!\

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    You mean 75mg of fina ed not every week right?

    What are your goals with this cycle? If your looking for size I can think of many better. This looks like a good lean mass cycle.

    Also I think even though your 21 and most people use 21 as an good age to get started I think its too soon for you to use AAS. I'm not gonna preach at you cause I've gone that route an it usually does no good. But IMO your not ready. End of sermon.

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