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    Brutus July¸s Cycle Deca/dianabol/sus And Propianathe Help Wanted!

    I am 25 years old I am going to start probably my 6th cycle or something i competed back in 1999 where i won both competitions.

    my current stats are
    height 5´9
    weight 182
    bf 9.7%
    arms 42cm
    waist 32 inch
    calfs 32 inch

    well i have 11 naposim 110 pills, 16-22 sustanons and 10ml of propianathe, deca

    this is the cycle i figured i would do now in july but i am here to have any type of help anyone would want to give me.....

    dianabol everyday for 4 weeks
    propianathe 15omg a week
    sustanon 500mg a week
    deca 400 mg a week

    my cycle would be 8 weeks long and i thought about using proviron the entire cycle 50mg a week so i could avoid gyno... and three weeks afeter the cycle use clomid

    please if everyone has any advise please tell me this is the best cycle i could come up with and yes gyno is a concern for me so let me know if the proviron would do the trick at 50mg a day...peace brutusbeeef

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    are the napoism the 5mg or 10mg pills? and how many do you have? are you using the prop inbetween sust shots to keep test levels even? If you got the money run 50mg proviron a day, but have clomid on hand just in case. But 25mg should be fine.

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    my naps are 5mg how would be the best way to use my propionathe and my sustanon to keeep my blood levels on track???? yeah i can for sure use 50mg of ´proviron a week no problem......

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    Good Advice Rex.

    Cycle that Rez suggested sounds really good , the best way to keep ur blood levels steady is to inject sustanon every 3 days this will keep them steady and propinate i guess the best ways would be either everyday or every other day.
    just my $.02
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