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Thread: Cycle #2

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    Question Cycle #2

    The new year is coming up and I am thinking about doing my 2nd cycle. I couldn't start it during the summer due to heavy work load so here's my chance. I had decent results with minimum quantities of winstrol tabs & a short lived trial of Sustanon 250.

    Regularly I've been supplementing with the following

    Hydroxycut ( Discontinued use 3 days ago)
    L-Arginine Ornithine: 12g [pre workout]
    L-Glutamine: 3g [post workout]
    ZMA: as per label
    Cell Tech : 2 scoops

    I trained daily, separating my work outs as following:

    Saturday [Bi/Tri's/Forearms: Tri Press Downs, Cable Rev Preacher Curls, Tri Ext's, D. Curls, Tri Pull Down's, Wrist & Reverse Wrist curls]

    Sunday: [Quads: Squats, Leg Extensions]
    Monday: [Chest/back: Incline Bench, Wide Grip Pull Down's, Rev. Pull Down's, Hammer Press, Cabe X-Over's, T-Rows]
    Tuesday: [ Cardio: 10min Treadmill, 30min Elipse]
    Wednesday: [Delts/Traps: Military Press, Cable Delt Raise, Front Raises, Lat Raises, Machine Shrugs (front & reverse)]

    Thursday: [Hams/Back: 45 degree L press, Leg Curls, Iso Rows, Wide Grip Pull downs, Dumbell Rows]
    Friday: [Chest: Dumbell Press, Cable-X-over, 10 sets each ]

    I did 30 minutes of cardio post weight training.

    My gains were decent I jumped 10 lbs in lean mass ( I weighed in the day before and measured my body parts prior to starting the 1st cycle) and could tell the difference when I started using the Sust.

    I was also using creatine post work out. What is everyone's experience as far as pre/post workout? brand? I'm using Cell Tech right now yet I am going to be changing to Meta-cel on the advice of a friend and his results.

    Side effects for me: minor acne on my arms, euphoria, high sex drive, and eventually mood swings which I hated. Any help with the last one would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I was thinking about using Clenbuterol to get rid of the excess fat. This is my main goal yet I do want to keep muscle so I was wondering what steroids ; oral or injectable would be beneficial with Clenbuterol in use. I don't want to overdo it, just want to see steady consistent results.

    2. As far as nutrition was concerned I tried to stay as low carb as possible, and started using a lot of whey protein powder (Nitro-tech, Simply Whey). This time around I will have both brands mentioned above as well as Myoplex RTD's (low carb variety). My protein intake will be divided into 2 hour blocks [8am,10am, 12pm,2pm, 4pm] and I'll consume 40 g of protein each time. I'll be at the gym at 6pm and will consume creatine, L-Glutamine & CLA prior to eating my dinner at 7:30pm which will consist of grilled turkey, tuna or lean beef and steamed broccoli. Afterwards at 9 or 10 pm I'll put down another 40 g of protein.

    Weight: 240 Height: 5'10"

    my flat bench=200lbs, incline: 225 lbs
    Machine Squat=200 lbs
    Tri Press downs=170 lbs
    Tri Ext's: 90 lbs

    That's all I can remember off the top of my head.

    Thanks for reading, any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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