Hey guys,
Well this post is kinda two fold....
1)No one has really written about the supplement company im using
2) I guess this will be motivation to make sure i train hard
I know it doesn't mean much but nearly a year ago i was leaving campus to walk a female friend home when i was hit by a drunk driver..
Broke both collar bones and tore both rotar cuffs messed up my knees and other scratches and bruises.. Well anyway i lost my scholarship (football) so im determined to make a come back so im gonna write exactly what i eat each day, the correct reps and weights (no BS)..
Oh yeah im pretty weak still but when u hit rock bottom the only way is up.
Im using 1-test THP ether from ABF (http://www.abf.ac/1testthp.html)
Im 6'3 and 220lbs
probably around 15% bodyfat
So here goes......(I'll try include some pics)