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    sust, Eq...and lots of dbol

    wsup to the board and thought i would share with yall my first cycle im bout to run in a few days... it consists of 500mg of sust, and 600mg of eq for 10 weeks. prolly run some dbol for the first 4 weeks till my test lvls jumpm up...thinking bout 50mg ed. of course ill run some nova and clomid. im 19, 6'2 and 189lbs. what gains can i expect from this cycle if i get in bout 4500 cales a day? ill keep you updated with pics from day 1 till the cycle lasts. please commit and give opinions

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    whats up bro i was thinking about running something very similar to that but the only thing i changed was switching the sus out and replacing it with high dosage of propionate instead because between the sus and the dbol i know for a fact i woulda turned super puffy at some point and wanted to avoid that all together... but keep me updated on how that works out for u good luck

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