Just started my second cycle last night with a 150mg injection of Cytex prop and a tasty .25mg shot of ldex. My ass is a bit sore but not as painful as those nile sus i took last cycle. I would rather it hurt though cause that gives me a bit more confidence that the gear is legit and i love the pain cause its gonna piss me off at football practice and make me hit those baby o-line like they've never felt b4. I plan on doing 150 EOD for 12weeks and hittin up some 50mg winny pills about halfway through. Should be great times.

Age; 22
Height 6"3
Weight; 220
BF; 12%

Current Cycle;
Prop 1-12 150mg EOD
Winny 6-12 50mg ED
Ldex 1-12 .25mg ED
Post Cycle; f**%n obvious by now!