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    T3 clen and ethanate experiment #10864-34

    DAY 1
    Day one first shot of test ethenate 500mg bad idea It seemed like too much fluid going in had a little leakage will do 250mg 2 times a week for now on.
    T3 200mcg day one Im still alive at this point but let me explain my madness normal thyroid production produces 75 mcg per day.
    The doses I am taking are 0.7 of my body weight. Everymorning I
    take my BMT (basal metabolic temp) to see what is going on with my thyroid. Today it was 96.44 a little lower than optimal but we will see tommorrow hey.
    Clen 60mcg today to start with no "shaking" yet

    Ok a little background info
    Stats 5 10.5 height working out for 12 years on and off past 2 steady(quit the booze) Wt 245 presently Bf % Not known exactly estimate 22-25% I know I should wait for this cycle but oh well Im retarted right.

    I dont know if you guys are into my diet and workout.
    Diet 55%pro 35% carb 10% fat saturates very low

    Total caloric intake is 2150aprox giv er take a few
    pro 260g
    Carb 145g
    Fat 45g
    These amounts are split into 6 meals no carbs in the last two meals of the day.

    Cardio 1 hr per day light intensity due to Bp on test
    Weights very basic and heavy to spare muscle loss

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    aPROX 6HRS Since inital dosage I was feeling a little hot but Im ok now clen is making me a little shaky though. Spacing food out is working well no cravings. This week I will try standard carbs per day next week I will cycle them see if there are major differences. Highly motivated at this point things are going well(lol its only been 7 hrs)

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    Dude are U there, are U still alive? LOL?!

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