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    Question cutting up cycle???

    hey everyone..i'm a new member on the list and i'd like some advice from all of the more experienced BB's on the board. i'm not really a novice user, from april-august of last year, i was on an up and down cylce of sust250, deca , and anadrol . i can say that my gains were tremendous..i got huge and my strength was unreal. but this time, i don't really want to get huge, and i don't want any water weight. i took some time off from lifting, but i'm back in it again and clean since last august. but now, i want to get ripped and gain some sprinting speed because i am training for football this coming august..right now, i'm 6'0", 198 lbs. i've been told that a stack of winny with primo would but good, maybe some parabolan with that..also i have been told that hgh would be great. but unfortunately, i don't have access to that. anyways, i was wondering what you all think i should take and what ammounts would be sufficient..thanks a bunch

    BIG J

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    there is no more para...get some fina.

    winny/fina/test is a good cycle or


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