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    a question about anti E's

    hey guys ive been lurking on the board for awhile and i decided to post a question about anti E's, I have a friend that was doing a test cycle and after he got off he didnt take any clomid or anything like that just followed up with creatine, now I dont see him loseing that much of his gains, he told me he wants to do a fina cycle but i dont him this time you better you clomid and he didnt even know what it was that shocked me kind of beacuse its just basicly a must for post cycle and i told him I would never do a cycle without clomid but I had a question if he cant get ahold of clomid ive heard of this stuff called Formastat is supposed to compare to clomid.

    I was wondering if formastat would act in the same way that clomid does?

    or would you even need clomid after a fina cycle beacuse I read another post about you not even needing clomid after a fina cycle just some questions i had to ask, thankx guys hope ya can help me out.


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    I've also read that you don't need clomid after a tren cycle, well thats right so long as you're not stacking it with anything like sus.
    I'll be doing a tren, eq and winny cycle soon so I don't think theres any need for clomid post cycle.

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    hrmm thats weird

    i keep hearing mixed msges like dont and then do get on clomid after a tren cycle

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    the gym


    members pictures?.... wrong section?

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